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Hello all. I am Papparainen and User of the month, my rights is Sysop, Administrator, Spamfighters, CheckUser in here. In the EditThis.info, I have rights Spamfighters and CheckUser. Contact me: User talk:Papparainen. I'm sorry, but I have bad English. I use a dictionary to translate it, and constantly ill. However, I am a good vandal guard.

All EditThis.info members will help to repentance. Do not be afraid, come and help, because you think may become a EditThis.info Helper. Wsfa-wiki has been created because EditThis.info needs help! We are hard-done articles. More than half the articles are vandalized! You can create the article freely, but not advertising, wiki sites of violence, or profanity. Come and help today! http://www.editthis.info

Contact me

Thanks :)

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